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Steps To Prepare Herbal Tea Blends

Slimlife Tea Morning Blast

Suggested Use

Step 1: Pour boiled water over teabag in heat resistant cup

Step 2: Let herbal tea blend steep in boiled water for 7-10 minutes





-For a stronger, more effective tea, allow tea blend to steep for 10-15 minutes

-For added flavor, add a slice of lemon and honey

     Do not add sugar to herbal tea blends

-May also add ice as a final step for a refreshing ice.

Drink this tea twice a day, once in the morning before breakfast and again in the afternoon before a snack.


This tea contains caffiene and is designed to keep you energized throuout the day. Please use no more than 1-2 teabags per day.

Detox Tea Blend

Suggested Use

Week 1: Use tea once every night after a healthy, balanced meal. Please make sure to drink plenty of water after consuming

our tea blends


Week 2: Drink tea every other evening after a healthy, balanced meal.


NOTED REACTION: Some people may experience an extra bowel movement during the first day or two after consuming our tea. Please note this is an effect of the tea safely cleansing out the digestive system.


FOR BEST RESULTS: Drink water often to stay hydrated at all times. Reduce your daily calorie intake and portion control your meals. Eat healthy, stay away from carbs, and eat more protein. Exercise 5 times a week for 30 minutes or 3 times a week for 1 hour.


Adding all of these tips to our Slim life Tea package will help you see a change in your overall wellness and will promote weight loss. By following this daily routine for 90 days, you will begin to notice clearer skin, improved health, and gradual weight loss results within one week of the Anekel Slim life Tea package.

Herbal Tea

How Long to Consume our Tea

After getting your desired weight loss results, please keep drinking the DetoxTeaBlend after your last big meal every other day for about 6 months and the SlimLifeTea Blend/Morning Blast once a day as a daily beverage. 

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Drink plenty of fluids

Detox your body, mind, and soul




Slim Life Tea

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