14 days total cleanse

14 days total cleanse

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Our 14 days total clanse tea, does'nt just flashes toxins,  also promote better circulations, and helpfull for the colon, liver, skin. Our 14 days total cleanse actully cleanse urinary tract syste. ANEKEL beleive in using fresh and best hand picked natural and organic ingredients.


INGREDIENTS: Green tea , spear mint,lemon peel, Marshmallow  root, milk twistle, chickweed, burdock root, cassia augustifolia (senna) nettle leaf, natural sweetner, dandelion.


FDA disclamer: this statement as not been evaluated by food and drug administration.

For best result best to combine our tea with proper exercses, healthy meal plan.

Consume enough fluid.


PLEASE NOTE: do not dring tea if nursing or pregnant, get advice from your medical from

professional if have any health concern before consuming our tea.





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